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    Africa Needs More Entrepreneurs, Not Politicians!
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Kienyeji Kenya Farmers Network Initiative!

Kienyeji Kenya (abbreviated KiKe) is an agribusiness social and  knowledge management enterprise that uses storytelling to foster learning in poultry, livestock and crop husbandry as well as building entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.

Founded By:

Dr Subiri Obwogo, better known for his weekly farming column “The Dairy of a Poultry Farmer”, in the Saturday Nation.
KiKe is a platform of choice for practical ideas in entrepreneurship (entrepreneur’s triad), poultry farming (PoulTreneur), agribusiness (agriPreneur) and healthcare (MediPreneur).

The Future Of Farming In The Age Of Climate Change

Kike promoting, developing and growing small-scale farming enterprise in Kenya and the region using innovative market-based solutions

Smart Entreprenuer.

Africa needs more entrepreneurs, not politicians



We seek to address three primary causes of food insecurity in Africa: Low yields, food loss and waste & lack of value addition.



Poultry is one of the leading livestock enterprises that can contribute the most towards the attainment of the UN’s Millennium Development Goal One and, in 2015, the sector contributed a total of $6.3 billion (9 per cent of the total GDP-- 2015 FAO Data)



We believe that money shouldn't determine the quality and quantity of health care one receives; instead this should be guided by need and science

Our Works.

KiKe supports farmers to work in groups rather than independently, making it easier to share knowledge and skills, access markets, funding and new technologies. This improves efficiency and  reduces duplication of efforts such as setting up poultry units, buying feeds, employing workers, managers and extension services, or hiring transport

How Kike Helps You Succeed

KiKe initiative relies on four drivers to achieve its mission and vision:  Organising farmers in clusters, deploying technology and innovation, improving food safety and yields. We organise farmers into poultry clusters of breeders, multipliers, producers, marketers and consumers to improve efficiency in production and marketing

Meet Our Team.