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Farmers Network

Purpose Of Kike Cluster Model

Kienyeji Kenya Farmers Network Intiative Model

To organise farmers into poultry clusters breeders, multipliers, producers, marketers and consumers

Kike Breeders

Comprised of research institutions, universities, and experienced breeding companies who sell vaccinated F1 generation day-old chicks to multipliers



Kike Multipliers

Kike Multipliers are farmers who either buy day-old chicks from breeders or hatch their own to sell to others within the Kike network.




Kike Producers

Kike individual farmers or groups of women and the youth who buy month-old chicks from Kike hubs to raise to maturity in order to sell eggs and chicken meat to Kienyeji Kenya’s collection and distribution centres.

Kike Marketers

Kienyeji Kenya then buys chicken meat and eggs from producers and slaughters to supply to supermarkets, butcheries and farm-to-table consumers.

Kike Consumers

Kike network of registered consumers that supports a farm-to-table delivery systems for quality food products produced  through the Kike food value chain.

Kienyeji Kenya Cluster Model Explainer Video

Join Our Network of Farmers that are making a difference in the Poultry Value Chain to provide you with certified healthy poultry products that you can trace from farm to table

Benefits & How to Join The Kike Network

To join the Kike Farmers Initiative Network, Please Fill in the Application form:

Once a farmer joins a cluster, they can access services in the six value chains listed below only as members of that cluster, not as individuals:

Kike Network Partner Application Form

Choose one of the following partner options. 1. Breeder 2. Multiplier 3. Producer 4. Marketer.

Have any questions about our kike partner membership plans? Please drop us a note and we'll be in touch shortly!

Kike Farmers Network Applictaion